chiropractic care pregnancyPregnancy is a natural condition and should be no more difficult than any other phase of life. There is no need to believe that backaches, headaches, leg pains, morning sickness, etc., are all normal inconveniences, which you must bear at this time. Regular chiropractic adjustments throughout your pregnancy can alleviate most, if not all, of those aggravations so you can better enjoy this part of your feminine role in life.

Chiropractic And Prenatal Care

Although obstetrics is a required course of study for all chiropractors, they do not deliver babies, so many expectant mothers may not consider turning to them for prenatal care. And yet, a chiropractor is thoroughly trained to understand the mechanical and physical aspects of what may be causing unnecessary pain or discomfort during your pregnancy. The importance of correcting the effects of spinal stress and postural distortions cannot be overemphasized.

For example, from the study of obstetrics, a chiropractor knows that the extra weight you are carrying may cause postural distortions, which can result in irritation to your spine. The correction of these distortions by a chiropractor can relieve these spinal irritations as well as unnecessary tension. This relief will permit greater relaxation and allow for more restful sleep, so important at this time.

Some women are concerned about the safety of chirppractic adjustments during pregnancy. The fact is, regular chiropractic adjustments during this time are completely safe because the chiropractor is trained to alter the treatment as needed – during pregnancy, following surgery, or when any condition warrants it. So, chiropractic adjustments are not only safe but very important during these special nine months, even if there is no discomfort. Adjustments are important for two reasons. First, they help insure that your pelvic bones are properly aligned for a quicker, easier delivery with less chance of injury to you and your child. Second, adjustments provide freedom from interference of the normal nerve energy which is vital for your child’s healthy, normal development.

Chiropractic & Postpartum Care

Low back, hip, and leg problems sometimes occur following the mechanical stress and trauma of the pregnancy and the delivery. These symptoms may not go away by themselves. Although chiropractic care can usually correct these post-pregnancy discomforts following delivery, regular chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy will reduce the likelihood of them occurring in the first place.

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