Dr. David Rogers

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Dr. Rogers has been in private practice in South Huntington, New York since 1980. He specializes in WEIGHT-LOSS and NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING, PAIN RELIEF, and overall WELLNESS and HEALTH MAINTENANCE, to alleviate stress and to improve energy, and to prevent re-injury or recurrence..

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"My nose & sinus were always running or clogged up. I would have breathing problems and headaches. After the first visit I could start to see improvements. I get no headaches from sinus. I feel more cleared up and less pressure on the face."

Patient Testimonial

"I was having lower back pain from my pregnancy. I was fearful due to being pregnant." After going through a chiropractic rehabilitation program" I felt complete relief. I like many people, was afraid to have any treatment while I was pregnant. I am now much more comfortable and able to enjoy my pregnancy."

Patient Testimonial

"I had headaches and pain in my right shoulder. I tried various types of medicine". After going through a chiropractic rehabilitation program "I feel much better.Headaches gone Shoulder pain gone. I didn't think anything would help my migraines. I recommend this highly!"

Patient Testimonial

"A lot of progress. Feeling better."

Patient Testimonial